If tennis and Pickleball is your game . . .

Lake Quivira offers six lighted outdoor courts and two indoor courts for both fun and competitive interaction with other players. Adults can become a member of the Lake Quivira Tennis Club and Pickleball Club. Cardio tennis drills, stroke-of-the-day, and men's and women's evening drills can help players improve their skills on the court. Children can get involved in the Junior Tennis League (JTL). This six-week city-wide league for boys and girls provides organized team match play.

Our racquets professionals are on staff year-round to help avid tennis players advance their skill level or beginners learn the game through private lessons and clinics. Additionally, through our Sumer Rec Program, kids have a variety of tennis clinics to help them learn the game or advance their skill level. All tennis classes have an 8:1 student to teacher ratio. Instruction provided by our Tennis Professionals.

  • Beginning Tennis - For the child with no or little experience.The goal is to bring kids into the game by utilizing specialized equipment, shorter court dimensions and modified scoring - all tailored to age and size.
  • Beginner Intermediate - Player has some or no experience. For those players that have completed Beginning Tennis or some other instruction. They will continue to work on the basic elements of tennis while learning more advanced skills.​​​
  • Intermediate - Player has 1 to 2 years of experience. Begin to learn proper technique for strokes, forehand, backhand volley and serves. Also will learn basic body movement and footwork while learning to track and judge the bounce of the ball.​
  • Advanced - Junior Tennis League Prep.Players will continue to work on serve and basic concepts of single, doubles and the rules of tennis. There will be an emphasis on stroke technique, and will begin practicing match play and prepare players for JTL.