Saddle Club

The Quivira Saddle Club, founded in 1945, offers members a wonderful place to board their horse with over 100 acres of land and pasture to enjoy horseback riding.

The Saddle Club features and outdoor sand arena, round pen for training, feeding shelter and several riding trails. Lake Quivira offers a wonderful life for your horse with freedom to roam; not locked in a stall waiting for turnout. It is also perfect for the equestrian with cooperative program allowing members to participate knowing that if you will be gone traveling or your time is limited, your horse will still be well care for.

Located at the Southeast corner of the Lake Quivira community is 126 acres of natural undeveloped land which is available for numerous outdoor activities. These include horse riding and hiking trails, mountain-biking, jogging, bird watching, fishing, cross country skiing, overnight camping, and the home to numerous forms of wildlife in their natural environment. In order to further expand the amenities in this location, two separate fundraising efforts were brought forward. Through the generosity and support of the LQ community, construction has now begun on a new Community Barn and Nature Center Facility, both to be located on the Equestrian Center grounds. Once completed, this area will be available to the entire community for both public and private events.

Community Barn


This 2,240 square foot facility provides the much needed boarding space for the integration and medical treatment of new horses brought into Lake Quivira. The building contains 3 enclosed horse stalls, access to numerous grazing areas, a wash-down area, space to store tack and feed, and will become the home of the LQ Saddle Club.


Nature Center


The Nature Center Facility is located at 615 Lakeshore East, and provides immediate access to eight (8) of the twelve (12) hiking trails available within the LQ Trail System and the LQ Campground. The 816 square foot building provides a climate controlled gathering space, storage areas, bathroom facilities, picnic area, and a front porch complete with drinking fountain. As the focal point of the Trail System, the facility offers interactive displays and information on the fishing, wildlife, bird viewing opportunities, and other outdoor activities at Lake Quivira.