Residential Construction

When you are doing construction at LQ, there are two separate entities.

Q, Inc.:  The key contact is Jennifer Alley,  It is best to schedule a pre-construction meeting with Jennifer, so she can review the process with you.  At that time, she can share construction applications, variance information and details of the process.  You are welcome to bring your architect or contractor with you so you understand the process from all angles.  Jennifer is a resource and will help make sure that you have your application and drawings ready for the review.  Ultimately, your architectural drawings will be reviewed by the Architectural Review Board.  The ARB meets on the third Tuesday of each month.  All materials are due to Jennifer two weeks in advance. 
City of Lake Quivira:  The key contact is Jake Heller,  Your plans will go thru their planning team and they ultimately do the permitting and inspections.  They approve any variances.  If your project requires a variance (i.e. encroaches on the property line setbacks of 40’ from front, 25-30’ from rear, 7’ from side, and 25% lot coverage), you will need your variance approved before you go to the ARB.  The City of Lake Quivira website does a good job of explaining their process; but, definitely work with Fred.  The BZA meets on the second Tuesday of each month.  For more information, check out…
Approach both entities concurrently so you do not miss a beat!