Our Environment

The naturally beautiful surroundings create an incomparable haven and unique lifestyle experience unlike other communities in the area. "The lake, its beach, the clubhouse, the golf course, the homes, the rolling landscape - all lined and garnished by a profusion of various kinds of trees and shrubs. In Spring and Summer, it is a panorama of multitudinous shades of green. In Fall, it displays a riot of all colors of the rainbow. Even in the gaunt austerity of Winter, Man's structural artistry blends with the wonders of Nature to create a crystal radiance reflective of the foothills of the Alps."1

A sparkling, 224-acre spring water lake is considered the heart of the community by the majority of residents and club members. The lake water is supplied by hundreds of natural springs, many of which are now covered by the lake water, but which continue to flow into it and provide some of the finest quality of spring water.

The community's diverse architecture of the single family residences secluded among the lake and wooded areas provide old world charm along with spectacular views. No two homes of its 394 homes are exactly alike. Well known architects, Bruce Goff and Albert Yanda, designed two of these spectacular homes.

Lake Quivira - beauty and splendor of nature at its best, both the tended and the natural. The Quivira Garden Club was established in 1941, and today its members devote scores of hours beautifying the community with flowers, bushes, and trees. Partly due to their efforts, Lake Quivira has been designated "Tree City" by the Arbor Day Foundation for 21 years. It is a commitment to nature that Lake Quivira residents enjoy and protect.

1John E. Olson, In Quest of Quivira, 1982